Turn The Page

Every time I launched a blog in the past, it started with a post titled “Turn The Page”.

“Here I am, on the road again!”

And now, I find myself on the road again. This time making a shift from what became incredibly boring to something that is surprisingly exciting.

When I was younger, just like most guys my age, I enjoyed video games. I remember going to Internet gaming cafes before they had an internet connection. Do not even remember what they were called. All just to play DOOM and Atomic Bomberman.

During the weekends, we would gather in groups and play on an Atari 2600-like machine that used audio cassettes to load the games. Yeah, we waited for a long time for the game to load. Eventually, we got consoles with games already “installed”. Even playing Chicken Invaders or Tetris was a lot of fun.

But then…

Adulthood hit.

I stopped playing video games for years. The only game I ended up playing was World of Warcraft. Obviously, this was not that great of a choice.

If there was a raid, I wouldn’t go out or go home early. This, combined with mental health problems I was not even aware of led to me losing years of my life doing stuff I did not really like.

Do not get me wrong! Digital marketing and freelancing in the industries I was involved in did pay well. I am making good money. Cannot complain about it. But…am I enjoying what I am doing? Hell no!

Here’s the problem.

Internet marketing as a whole is an industry filled with ass kissing. The networking done is not really networking. You are stuck in fake conversations based solely on financial transactions and those connections you create are just there if you feed their egos. It is that bad. And whoever says differently is either lying to themselves or willingly deceiving people, like most of those gurus involved in the money making niche.

But let’s not talk about that.

Let’s continue the gaming story.

After my WOW years, I finally managed to get rid of the game. Mostly because I had some money problems and had to relocate. This was definitely a blessing in disguise. But, a curse appeared: League of Legends.

I grinded the hell out of League of Legends. And it took its toll on me. I was not that young and did not have enough time to grind. I did reach Diamond 2, if I remember correctly. Diamond anyway. However, personal problems made me way too toxic. And I got my main 2 accounts banned. I then quit League of Legends.

I kept being focused on my work, doing all I can to take care of my dogs properly and the people I love. And one day, I ended up watching some Twitch channels while relaxing. This is how it started.

I got back into League of Legends to play with some people I liked hanging out with. One creator in special supported me and told me to start streaming. Then, that person stopped. I think they are doing professional photography at the moment. But, there was another one who supported me. I ended up meeting a few fantastic people and…the gaming bug came back.

I realized I was having so much fun with League of Legends and other games. But, I never treated it as a serious business. I just wanted to have some fun and enjoyed playing games with others. There was even some drama, of course, as it always is.

I streamed on and off for around one year. Not being interested in growth and stuff like that, consistency was definitely not the case. Hell, I am still not consistent.

There were 2 moments that made me change my approach and want to stream more.

The first one was when I was realized I was having a lot of fun. I was enjoying myself and actually laugh. Sure, some moments were boring but others were great. The second one was meeting someone who did made me realize I was being way too heard on myself. You know, sometimes you need that outdoor voice to help you.

But that is another topic for another day.

I will start posting more on YouTube, more on TikTok, Twitter, whatever I have time to. I am enjoying the ride and will surely love it more and more as time passes.