Netherim is NOT Innocent

By now, a reasonably large part of the League of Legends community heard about the 51 page document talking about Netherim’s Manipulation, Financial Irresponsibility, and Sociopathic tendencies. If you did not read that document, you should. Just please know that it includes potentially-triggering content about manipulation and sexually explicit text.

A Little About Netherim

Not everyone knows Netherim. And they shouldn’t. Just to keep things simple, he is a League of Legends Twitch streamer with over 80k followers, a Patreon, an incredibly expensive ASMR Patreon, and much more. LSS, he is pretty popular and with a big following.

And regardless of what you might believe, he is taking advantage of that. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. In his case, it is! What he does in those screenshots, which he never denied were true, is simply disgusting.

My Big Problem

My problem is not with messages he sends, like this one:

Or this one:

How people talk to each other is not my problem. It just needs to be consensual. There is no sign anywhere that the way in which the conversations happened was anything but consensual. Or if there is a sign, I missed it.

Most of us did have explicit encounters of one type or another on DIscord or other messaging apps. That is perfectly ok.

My problem is not even that Netherim’s actions are manipulative and incredibly disgusting, which they are. Or that people were taken advantage of, although that is also disgusting.

This is the problem!

My problem is the wave of enablers and supporters that actually praise him for this. And the extra wave of people calling the women who were taken advantage of different names ranging from sluts to bimbos. And saying they deserved it. No they did not! Nobody deserves this.

What Netherim does is to knowingly lie to women and take advantage of them. He is feigning interest and love bombing them. In very direct messages that cannot really be misinterpreted. He has conversations with the women, gathers information, and uses exactly what he knows would work to make them fall for him. And in the process, he gets more money and sex.

How dare you blame the women in this case?

This is one of the first questions that came to mind after I saw the responses of typical men to the document. And the majority of comments came from men. And most of them were disgusting to see.

The most common argument was that Netherim always told them he is looking for something casual, not serious. Well, actions speak louder than words in all relationships.

This guy goes around telling women he wants to marry them. Plans trips with them. Has virtual sex with them in Discord calls. Feints attention and care as he “listens” to them. Makes them feel like they are the only ones he talks to. And comes up with excuses when he needs to talk to someone else. Does he ever say he does these things with other women too? There are clear patterns in play here.

And people are praising him for it.

Think about having the roles reversed. How many scandals do you know that involved a Twitch following finding out a woman streamer had a husband/partner? The response was “poor men”, “they are being taken advantage of”. When reversing, the male streamer is the GigaChad and the women are stupid for being taken advantage of? So….women are always the ones who make mistakes? How can people not see the hypocrisy of these double standards?

And that is why women should almost always choose the bear!

And you know who will complain when women choose the bear? The same boys (cannot call them men) who praise Netherim and blame the women.

Let’s Make This Clear

Netharim knows what he is doing. He knows exactly what he is doing. And he most likely got away with it for a long time.

What he does is not worthy of praise. He is not honest. He takes advantage of women in vulnerable situations. And he does manipulate them.

It is as simple as that.

NO! This is not about discussing things and getting a label or a status before you start doing something. No, he does not make it clear he wants casual things.

Actions speak louder than words! And his actions are disgusting!

The last thing I will highlight is what he wrote on his own About section on Twitch:

I care very little about things outside my control

Yes. This perfectly describes him. Take his control away and you will be surprised!