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Local SEO Attracts Customers And Local Businesses Still Do Not Know It

local SEO basics

Local SEO is vital for numerous businesses that rely on brick and mortar shoppers but most owners have no idea this is the case. They still use the outdated advertising and marketing practices of the past. When you just do this, slowly but surely the number of customers you have goes down. Why is that? …


Digital Marketing Sucks – And It’s Because Of Digital Marketers

frustrated with digital marketing

Digital marketing seems to be so evolved but the truth is that it is at a very bad state. In fact, the exact same thing can be said about marketing as a whole. And, it is very sad to see. I have been involved in marketing for so many years now and it seems that …


How To Determine The Target Audience Of A Marketing Campaign

how to determine target audience for a marketing campaign

When you want to advertise a business or create an effective marketing campaign, the first step is always to determine the target audience. While most business owners focus on reaching the widest audience possible, any experienced marketer will tell you that it is far better to reach the right audience. Ideally, your marketing campaigns have …


This Is The Biggest Lie In Internet Marketing

This Is The Biggest Lie In Internet Marketing

Unfortunately, internet marketing is not properly understood. There are countless terms used for it and numerous sub-types that are mentioned, and they are all misunderstood. Most of what you will hear about internet marketing is a lie (or a gross misunderstanding of what it actually is). While practically every single day I hear something wrong …