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You Cannot Learn Digital Marketing In A Few Hours

You Cannot Learn Digital Marketing In A Few Hours

This will be a shorter article than I want to write on this blog but it is a pretty important thing that should be mentioned: you cannot learn digital marketing in a few hours. Lately, I saw countless online classes/courses that promise to teach you digital marketing. This is impossible. There are people that spend …

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SEO Basics You Have No Excuses Not To Master

There is absolutely no excuse for a small business owner not to master the basics of SEO. You can find all the information you need on the internet for free. The same thing can even be said about social media, but here I want to just talk about the SEO side of things. The big …

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What To Do Before You Launch Your WordPress Site/Blog

Since 25% of websites run on WordPress, it should be no surprise to see that most people that want to launch a blog/site will consider this content management system. WordPress is definitely a wonderful choice for sites of all sizes but you cannot simply install the system and then launch your site. When you do …