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Great Business Ideas to Start During a Pandemic

While the COVID pandemic has certainly caused many businesses to falter and fail under the weight of imposed lockdowns, consumer contagion concerns, population decreases, supply chain concerns and other compounded issues, the consequences of the pandemic have also opened the doors for a host of new businesses to rise in the wake of the old. …


Top 10 Effective Solutions to Increase Business Efficiency

Business efficiency is how much a company or an organization can produce relating to its resources, time, and money when all other demerits factors of production are minimized to the lowest point possible. Every business should strive to produce and implement processes to reduce waste (time, money, etc.) to achieve better results. So, how can …

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Expired Beer – $1 Billion Losses Because Of COVID-19

beer is expiring

China has been warning the world about how serious the new coronavirus is and people still do not listen. Right now, there are over 3 MILLION people infected and over 210,000 deaths. The US, which practically mocked China and the rest of the world, thinking it is invincible, now has BY FAR the most cases, …

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You DO NOT Own A Business When You Promote MLMs

You Do Not Own A Business When You Promote MLM Products

When I was around 19 years old, a friend of mine asked me to go to him to a presentation about a business opportunity. He did not know much and since I did have some experience then with business, he asked me to come. As we got to the presentation, it quickly became obvious that …