Steam Users Spent $19 Billion On Games They Never Actually Played

I found this news to be quite fantastic. PC Games revealed that Steam users bought games worth $19 billion and never played them. Basically, this research appeared thanks to the SteamID Finder database of the 10% Steam accounts that are public. Across these accounts, $1.9 billion worth of Steam games were bought and the users never played them for a second.

It was also funny to highlight the fact that this amount is more than Nicaragua’s gross national product.

With this news in mind, I went on and took a look at the games I bought and never played:

  • Kerbal Space Program – 9.99 EUR
  • Overcooked 2 – 5.74 EUR
  • September 7th – 1.42 EUR

Not too bad, is it? 17.15 EUR. This is not at all that much. But still we have 3 games I bought and never played. I will most likely never play them anyway.

But, there are also games we buy and only play once. These games are not really put in the statistics. For instance, I bought these games and only played them one time:

  • Escape Simulator – 11.99 EUR
  • I’m Counting to 6 – 2.54 EUR
  • Mortal Kombat 1 – 27.99 EUR

(All prices listed above are at the time of writing this article)

So, we have 42.52 EUR worth of games that I shouldn’t even have bought since I did not even play em much. I am not a big spender on computer games to be honest and even I “wasted” around 100 EUR on games I barely played or never played.

And we are only talking about Steam with the statistic mentioned above. So many other platforms exist. If there is any doubt that the gaming industry is huge, this should be enough. And yet again…so much could be done with $19 billion of literally unused money, by the users of course.