Thank You Mark William Calaway (The Undertaker) For Everything

the undertaker retires

After finishing the documentary about basically the final years of the career of Mark William Calaway (The Undertaker), I just had to write a few words. The Undertaker is practically synonymous with professional wrestling and it is very hard to imagine anyone will ever reach his icon status. He officially started his career in 1987. …


Digital Marketing Sucks – And It’s Because Of Digital Marketers

frustrated with digital marketing

Digital marketing seems to be so evolved but the truth is that it is at a very bad state. In fact, the exact same thing can be said about marketing as a whole. And, it is very sad to see. I have been involved in marketing for so many years now and it seems that …


I Watched Death Note The American Movie And…Damn

death note movie

I instantly had to re-watch the entire original anime because I was so incredibly disappointed. Death Note is a work of art and that American movie was so unfair and so shallow that I was literally disgusted. If I were to review the movie fully, my conclusion would be: disgusted. Why? I do not know …


A Collection Of Videos Related To The Current BLM Riots You Need To See

george floyd protests

In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, here is a collection of videos shared by people that participated in the protests. I believe it is very important to be informed, to share, and to spread what is actually happening. The media does not do a great job, even if it does seem that there …