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You DO NOT Own A Business When You Promote MLMs

You Do Not Own A Business When You Promote MLM Products

When I was around 19 years old, a friend of mine asked me to go to him to a presentation about a business opportunity. He did not know much and since I did have some experience then with business, he asked me to come. As we got to the presentation, it quickly became obvious that …


The Short Attention Span Lie In Marketing

the short attention span lie in marketing

When talking to marketers, one of the most common things mentioned is that you need to keep your content short since the attention span of people is really low. Facts cannot really deny this. You can check out this infographic to see details about how the attention span of people is going down. According to …


The Importance Of Doing What You Really Like

do what you love

When it comes to blogging, one of the most important rules is: Write about something that you love! Unfortunately, when I started, I forgot about this really important rule. It is quite hilarious for me to see that I always give this advice but I never actually did it in the past. What many …

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You Cannot Learn Digital Marketing In A Few Hours

You Cannot Learn Digital Marketing In A Few Hours

This will be a shorter article than I want to write on this blog but it is a pretty important thing that should be mentioned: you cannot learn digital marketing in a few hours. Lately, I saw countless online classes/courses that promise to teach you digital marketing. This is impossible. There are people that spend …