Great Video Games Where You Can Play As A Dog

Everyone who knows me knows that I love dogs. I have 3 of them and would love to have more in the future. So, why not take a look at some of the games in which you can play as a dog? Here are some we definitely need to take a closer look at.

Dog’s Life

This 2003 game from PS2 was a whole lot of fun. It did have some bad mechanics, the dialogue was ridiculous, and the graphics are exactly what you would expect, blocky and low resolution. Even so, many people loved it.

In Dog’s Life, you will play as a dirty beagle, Jake. Your girlfriend, Daisy, is dognapped. The culprit is Miss Peaches and your girlfriend and other dogs are in danger.

This plot is not at all great but it is interesting, just like a Cruella movie. You will fight pooches, do some begging to get pizza, trigger allergies, and you can poo wherever you want.


Wargroove is cheap and available on stream. The game is successful, an arcade battle game. The campaigns are very good and multiplayer is cross-platform so you can play against some other commanders. And the best commander is Caesar, a great boy.

Caesar is a Great Pyrenees, Marcia’s pet and the leader of the Cherrystones. He is lovable and very useful in the game since he makes the units around play another turn.

Also, his full name is Julius Caesar, because why not?

Tales Of Vesperia

Many gamers believe that the Tales Of Vesperia game is the best in the series. It follows Princess Estelle and Yuri Lowell and stands out as a great RPG adventure. You can add several members in the party, including the mutt Repede, Yuri’s own. It is a very interesting dagger-wielding, pipe-smoking dog hero.

Repede is fast and is pretty good when it comes to gaining some new items. He is actually one of the best of the game’s characters to use in the party you assemble.

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess lets you play as a wolf-form version of Link. This happens when  you try to save Hyrule. When you are a wolf, you have increased speed, enhanced senses, and you can talk to other animals. Link’s wolf form makes the game different. You have to go through new difficulties and puzzles.

Okami HD

Amaterasu is the best dog in video games, right? This Shinto Sun Goddess goes through a quest in feudal Japan. You will surely love playing this game. It is considered to be among the best PS games of the 2000s. And you do get a full doggo gameplay treatment here.