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A Collection Of Videos Related To The Current BLM Riots You Need To See

george floyd protests

In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, here is a collection of videos shared by people that participated in the protests. I believe it is very important to be informed, to share, and to spread what is actually happening. The media does not do a great job, even if it does seem that there …


Will George Floyd Be Another Black Man Killed By A White Cop Without Repercussions? This was MURDER!

george floyd protests

I open my Twitter feed, which is always filled with Kpop memes, League of Legends, and generally entertaining things. As always, I also check out the trends and I see many hashtags related to George Floyd. Whenever this is the case, something serious happened. Unfortunately, I was not wrong. I am writing this post because …

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Expired Beer – $1 Billion Losses Because Of COVID-19

beer is expiring

China has been warning the world about how serious the new coronavirus is and people still do not listen. Right now, there are over 3 MILLION people infected and over 210,000 deaths. The US, which practically mocked China and the rest of the world, thinking it is invincible, now has BY FAR the most cases, …


The NRA Sues The New York Governor Because They Think Gun Shops Are Essential Businesses

NRA wooden flag

Like, are you f-ing kidding me? The NRA (National Rifle Association) sued Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor as a private citizen and as a governor, because he decided to close gun stores. This happened as there is an order in New York for all non-essential businesses to be closed. So, the NRA claims that gun …