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why do you need evergreen content on your blog

Why Do You Need Evergreen Content On Your Blog?

Every single blog needs evergreen content There are different types of content that you can publish on a blog but evergreen content is what always stands out. Unfortunately, it is also the one type that I often see overlooked. When…
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social media myths that need to disappear

12 Social Media Myths That Need To Disappear

Is Your Marketing Campaign Built With Social Media Myths? When it comes to using social media for business of any kind, there are more myths mentioned than real facts. This is, unfortunately, incredibly true. Most business owners have completely unrealistic…
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Signs You Do Too Much Research When You Write

Since 2003 I wrote thousands of articles for websites and much more. Along the years, many problems appeared. One of them was the fact that too much research was done. Generally, when you start writing, you start to do research….
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How Can You Legally Use Images On Your Site?

Everyone talks about how it is vital to use visual elements on a website to make content more attractive and increase user engagement. You are told that images are very good for SEO and that they help increase time spent…
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Is Your Business Idea Truly Unique?

I am always surprised to see how many aspiring entrepreneurs think they came up with something revolutionary, unique and really special. As an entrepreneur, you want to be confident in your idea but there is a huge difference between being…
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What Is The Best Way To Start A Blog?

Don’t you just hate it when you look for the answer to one question and all the articles that you find try to get you to sign up to something or sell you something under the premise that the best…
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Why Do Most SEO Agencies Out There Suck?

I wanted to write about this for a long time since in the past 3 to 4 months I started receiving numerous messages from SEO agencies that were trying to sell their services. This is because I started managing numerous…
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