Author: Adrian Cruce


How Long Should SEO Content Be?

how long should SEO content be

There are countless debates in SEO. Professionals debate everything. Which is as it should be since we will never know the coding behind the Google ranking algorithm. Out of all debates, one that is incredibly stupid, at least according to my personal belief, is the one surrounding the perfect length of SEO content. Here’s the …


Why Are Cigarette Smokers So Brand-Loyal?

why are cigarette smokers so brand-loyal

Now, this is an exciting topic. I randomly came across the discussion on Reddit (I think), and as a smoker myself, I started wondering. It is a well-known fact that cigarette smokers are very loyal to the brand they consume. You will rarely see a change, and if the change happens, we are practically looking …


Should You Let Your Website Eat Itself? A Reflection On Keyword Cannibalization

a reflection on keyword cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization. A rather colorful (a little sick too) SEO term that confuses even SEO specialists. And it is normal for this topic to be confusing because how you view SEO influences if you see this as an advantage or a disadvantage. The truth is, keyword cannibalization is completely normal, and it is usually something …


How To Maintain Your Sanity When You Work From Home

how to maintain your sanity when you work online

All around the world, remote work grows in popularity. More and more companies let their workers stay home and encourage it whenever possible. This is a very good opportunity to stay safe while we are all worried about the global pandemic. Google, Morgan Stanley, and Amazon are just 3 of the companies that encourage remote …