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piers morgan

Why Is Piers Morgan Still On TV?

I keep asking myself this question for a really long time now. His “Piers Morgan Live” on CNN is a frequent source of articles about racism and misogyny. News after news, scandal after scandal and he still has a show…
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why do people buy something

Why Do People Buy Something?

So many marketing articles tell you that people buy something because of two reasons, a need or a want. This is correct but it is also incredibly simple. If you want to figure out why someone buys something, you have…
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the short attention span lie in marketing

The Short Attention Span Lie In Marketing

When talking to marketers, one of the most common things mentioned is that you need to keep your content short since the attention span of people is really low. Facts cannot really deny this. You can check out this infographic…
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do what you love

The Importance Of Doing What You Really Like

When it comes to blogging, one of the most important rules is: Write about something that you love! Unfortunately, when I started, I forgot about this really important rule. It is quite hilarious for me to see that I…
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why do you need evergreen content on your blog

Why Do You Need Evergreen Content On Your Blog?

Every single blog needs evergreen content There are different types of content that you can publish on a blog but evergreen content is what always stands out. Unfortunately, it is also the one type that I often see overlooked. When…
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